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Big Rock is on the Ballot, WinterKids Outdoor Fund

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  • By Aaron Damon
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Big Rock is on the Ballot, WinterKids Outdoor Fund

Starting September 1st, BigRock Mountain will be on the WinterKids Downhill 24 Ballot for a chance to receive $5,000 - $10,000.

To vote click the VOTE NOW button below or visit These fund would support a Bear & Cub program for parents and their children to learn to ski together: whether that is a refresher for mom and a beginner lesson for her son, or a beginner lesson for dad and his daughter this parent-child lesson focuses on togetherness in skiing and boarding. The program will be equitable and open to all pairings without a label. 


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The fund will support this lessons program implementation, an additional discount for guests who sign-up via the winter kids app, and staffing/training instructors for the lesson type. Adults and adolescents learn at different speeds and require different directions, the format for the program will be via semi-private instruction and limited group numbers per instructor.


The need for a program like this stems from an increasing number of 3-5-year-old students with parents who ski or had skied before and want to part in the learning process. Many students in this age group require parental attention and this program would lend itself to learning together and supporting family skiing. 


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