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Youth Race League


Youth Skier at Start Gate

Ages 5-17
TENTATIVELY Starts: January 8, 2023 at 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Duration: 10 – weeks

Must have skiing experience as this is not a program focused on learning how to ski.  No previous racing experience required. The team will travel to races throughout the state to compete but is not a requirement for participation.


Our goal is to equip never-ever racers with the tools and drills they need to become proficient in alpine racing.

Learning to race at a young age gives our students the confidence to peruse the sport as they grow into young adults. 

This competitive program focuses on learning the rules and form of downhill alpine racing. Our coaches work on the foundational aspects of skiing well, and prepare students for racing at a competitive level.   

Youth Skier Getting Instruction

Want to Learn More?

Speak with a coach via email

Up to date information is posted on our Facebook Page: BigRockYouthRaceLeague

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